Whether you are looking for coaching as an artist or you desire to have the experience of creating a personal piece of art in oil, even if you have never painted, Canadian landscape artist Pat McGoey offers you a unique learning opportunity.  Media – palette knife painting oil on canvas. 

Paint your favourite landscape scene or select a scene from one of the current collections from the artist. The artist will paint the very same scene and will take you through each step of his creation process from sketching to painting the scene, all in one session. No painting experience required.

1-day Individual Lesson
Join the artist for a day for plein air or in-studio. $450 for a day – includes all supplies and lunch.

2-day Coaching Workshop

A two day landscape in oil workshop. Groups of 4 – 5 participants required. $500 each. Supplies provided.

3-day Painting Excursion

A three day summer retreat on a scenic lake arriving Thursday evening and departing Sunday at 3 pm.  Groups of 4 - 5 participants required.  $1200 each to share a suite, plus painting supplies.  All meals included.  Contact artist to discuss location.

10-week Group Lessons in Spring, Fall and Winter
Limited to four participants – on Wednesday evenings $600 each plus supplies; $50 for a small canvas, $75 for a medium-size canvas and $100 for a large canvas. Please contact the artist to arrange for a convenient time.

Art Outdoor Adventures
Today, Pat McGoey coaches and offers painting week-away adventures in spectacular destinations that inspire and renew.
Currently he is offering packages to your group surrounding:
                Toronto, Ontario
                Nelson, British Columbia
                Jupiter, Florida

Please contact the artist to discuss location and time.

Gift certificates available.

If you would like to join a course or find out more, please contact us here:

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